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This month we spotlight various family dance photos--and the"photo-of-the-month"

goes to John Raymond Brennan, our St. Patrick's Day dancer!

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"summertime" photos: they might warm you up on these coolish spring days!

March Photos of the Month

feature John Raymond Brennan

in his Irish dance costume, complete with the traditional cloak and dance medals.  The second photo is that of Ray Brennan and his partner, Eileen Walsh, as posted in a 1919 San Francisco Chronicle article.  The third photo is that of

Seamus Moriarty's Gaelic music class,

with Raymond in the middle row,  2nd from the right.

The remainder of the page highlights miscellaneous poses of our family dancers throughout the years ...

1966: Leaving for a dance at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel

Water ballet with Mo and Mike

Sadie Hawkin's Day dance

Prom time for Patricia

Kinley's bouquet for ballet

Queen's Ball 1965

1955:  Folk Dancer Barbara

Peter and Amy prom pose

Prom time for Andrew

Up, Up, and Away!

Christina and Andrew at a

Father's Day school dance

Patty poses for a folk dance festival in 1955

Marv and Alice "cut a mean rug"!

Queen's Ball 1951

And here's Aunt Jessica!

Kinley on center stage!

Backyard Belly Dancers!!!

Backyard ballerinas

Severance dance practicing

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